Betting On Football A Simple Guide from The Sportsman

Over the past 10 years, football betting has grown exponentially. Bookmakers now offer a wide range of bets from the simple to the absurd. You might want to know some of the basics so you can be involved in the World Cup and other leagues such as the Premiership and SPL.

The Sportsman, the UK’s new daily newspaper and online website dedicated to racing and sports betting is the best person to help you understand the basics.

The betting world is full of complicated jargon, but it’s not as difficult as one might imagine. Match betting is by far the most popular football bet, aside from the obvious who will win World Cup and Premiership 2up sports.

When betting on football matches, the first thing you should remember is that it’s not just a race between two horses! Many people believe that they are betting for England or Sweden, but you should not forget about the draw. The bookmakers only pay on the result after 90 minutes, so the extra time does not count. Anyone who follows football will know that many matches are drawn so don’t be afraid to support the draw.

A very popular wager is on who will score first. This is a very popular and obvious bet, but it can be difficult to win. The majority of bookmakers offer an alternative bet which gives a better chance to back a key winner. This is your selected play scoring at any point during the game. The first scorer bet is finished within the first minute, while the To Score During the Match bet allows you to win anytime up until the end of the game.

Bookmakers bet now on how many goals will occur in the match, as this is a simpler option. If you predict the correct number of goals, but not the exact score (i.e. Liverpool 2 Spurs 1), then that is a good bet.

What does 6/4 actually mean? The most common 3/1 is that you bet 1 and you win 3. But remember, if you do win, you get back your stake too. So your total return will be 4. (A profit of 3). The odds of 6/4, for example, are not as complicated as they seem. Divide the number on the left with the number on the right to get the odds on a stake. In the example of 6/4 you would divide 6 by 4. This gives 1.5. In the example of 6/4 you get 1.5/1. You will receive your stake and 1.50 back if you place a bet of 1 at the 6/4 odds.

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